ACS SASSI is being developed by Ghiocel Predictive Technologies, supported by MATRISEB and distributed in the certain parts of the world by both. Information about the companies can be found below:


MATRiSEB is a full service structural engineering consulting firm located in Ankara, Turkey. MATRiSEB has wide range of experience from complete structural design of new buildings to peer review of design, rehabilitation of existing facilities, forensic analysis, failure investigation, structural and seismic evaluation and due diligence, condition assessment and vibration analysis. MATRISEB offers high-end structural engineering services in four sectors; nuclear power industry, wind energy, seismic and structural health monitoring.

Link to Company Website: matriseb.com

Ghiocel Predictive Technologies

Ghiocel Predictive Technologies, Inc. is specialized in computational mechanics, uncertainty modeling and risk prediction for large-scale complex engineering applications. Ghiocel Predictive Technologies has accumulated an engineering experience of more than fifty years in the area of computational stochastic mechanics, statistical modeling and structural risk prediction. Most of the Ghiocel Predictive Technologies research projects are related to engineering projects on the application of advanced computational mechanics modeling and state-of-the-art reliability prediction tools to aircraft, ground vehicle and nuclear facility structural systems analysis.

Link to Company Website: ghiocel-tech.com